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"My Feet Have NEVER LOOKED BETTER! Thank You."

Sreevisakh KG, a customer from Cochin, speaks about his experience with Pediklear.

Sreevisakh and many other men like him share how PediKlear has once and for all, rid them of the cracked heels problem - and given them the gorgeous, super soft and satin smooth feet that they wanted!


Men All Across India Have A Common Theme In Their Responses: Experiencing The Feeling Of Smooth, Luxurious And Crack-Free Feet!

And the responses include:

"I Have Not Seen My Feet Look Cleaner & Softer!"

"I have used this once and got amazing results."

"I have lot of issues with dead skin on my feet. This helps me to get rid of them on a daily basis effortlessly."

"My skin is exceptionally dry, especially feet, dry and scaly, I used to wear shoes only, pediklear has done wonders for me, now I'm wearing sandals."

"Works Better Than Any Pedicure Sets Used Before."

"It's an excellent instrument. My feet have scales all the time and I need a pedicure every week. But with this instrument I am able to manage my feet much better. I am glad I bought it. It was one of my most sensible buys online! Thank you!"

Over 10,000 People Are Loving PediKlear… How Are Your Feet Looking Today?

If You Have Cracks, Rough Skin & Calluses, Don’t Even Worry For A Second. Just Get The Most Beautiful Feet With PediKlear!

Here’s why we say that:

If you see cracks, calluses, roughness, dry skin or any other forms of unsightliness… if your confidence is taking a hit, and your favorite pair of sandals and slippers are not leaving the storage cabinet…

DO NOT Waste Money On The Temporary & Time Consuming Fix Of A Pedicure!

And don’t panic.

We have the answer.

The All New PediKlear Callus Remover.

It’s battery operated, it’s a piece of cake to use, and if it doesn’t clear up your heels like new, we’ll refund your money and send you a handwritten note of apology.

But let’s just compare the PediKlear to a common method of tackling cracked heels: pedicures and moisturizers.

Do pedicures work? Of course they do. If...

  • You are regular with your treatments. You need a pedicure once a week if you have an active lifestyle - the kind that an on the go person does. Every two weeks is recommended if you’re away from the clutter and pollution of city life. Once a month if you’re mostly a stay at home person. That’s 48/24/12 pedicures a year. Regularly.
  • You have the money. Pedicures aren’t cheap - even the most reasonably priced one will run you several hundreds of rupees, every time you get one.
  • You have the time. It takes time to get to the salon, it takes time to soak and wash your feet... and the pedicure has only then just begun. Then, there’s the ride back home. And making time in the first place...
  • You have a dedicated salon. What if you’re on the go? Travelling to see family? Travelling for your job? What if your lifestyle requires you to be constantly moving from one place to another? Getting quality pedicures, at a good rate, and from a specialist you trust isn’t easy in these circumstances.

What about moisturizers? Do they work? Of course. But...

You see that really rough skin and cracks around the feet? Even the most effective and expensive moisturizer isn’t going to get through that skin and have a lasting effect. For moisturizers to be effective, you must first get rid of the cracks! Not the other way round.

So How Is PediKlear Better?

Good question. We’ve got a great answer:

Regularity: The PediKlear is a simple device that runs on batteries. You switch it on, you use it on your feet. You moisturize. You are done. No scheduling appointments or waiting at the salon. In fact, there's no salon! Use anywhere you like.

Money: PediKlear costs about the same as one expensive salon treatment. So what’s different? You buy it just once. It’s built like a rock and it's waterproof (more on that in a moment).

Time: Every session takes 2 minutes. Literally, 120 seconds. Do it twice a day, do it twice a week - you’ll see the results (like the waterproofing, we’ll just clear this up in a moment).

Safety: No blades, no razors, no scrubbing, no scraping. Pediklear’s hardened mineral roller simply makes external contact with your cracked heels.

Alright, That Sounds Pretty Great! How Does It Work?

It’s simple. And genius.

The hardened Mineral Surface Roller on the PediKlear tackles the most important problem keeping you from beautiful and soft feet - the cracks.

When the device is switched on, The Mineral Surface Roller rotates at the speed of 40x per second - not too fast, not too slow. This rotating head whittles away the dead, dry and callused skin on your heels, and right before your eyes, it leaves your skin crack free and baby smooth.

No matter how deep or dark the cracks, the only way to recover smoothness and beautiful feet is to directly remove the dead, rough, hard, discolored skin. That’s what PediKlear does.

Waterproofing! The PediKlear Difference

One of the most convenient lifestyle features of PediKlear is the fact that it is waterproof. And this has two distinct meanings:

One: Use it in the bathroom, without any fear of getting the device wet.

Two: Use it ON WET FEET, and the effectiveness remains excellent. That is to say, it works perfectly. So use it after showering, use it right after soaking your feet, use it after you have moisturized and… use it, wipe your feet and use it again! The PediKlear will still deliver stunning results.

Our No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee!

Our faith is PediKlear is unshakeable. That’s because we know it is the only thing you need for silky smooth feet.

If however, for any reasons the device doesn’t meet your expectations, we will, within 30 days of receiving your order, give you 100% of your money back. No Questions Asked. Simply get in touch with us at and 040-39560308. This contact information can also be found on the top and bottom of the page.

If you have other questions and clarifications, please call right now (as you're reading this!) and we'll clarify them for you.

With our guarantee clarified, there’s only one thing left to say:

You Are Worth It.

PediKlear Gorgeous heels that you've always wanted!

Because you deserve to be free, once and for all, of the frustration that comes with having rough, hard, and cracked feet.

Because you deserve the pleasure and confidence that comes from putting your smooth and luxurious new feet in your footwear.

And because, most of all, every person deserves beautiful feet!

Try PediKlear 100% Risk-Free Today!

Don’t wait to begin on your journey to the softest, most beautiful feet ever - PediKlear’s 30 Day Money Back & No Questions Asked Return Policy gives you full freedom to see the amazing difference in your heels for yourself!

To order, simply click the “Order My PediKlear” button below and let us know where to send your very own PediKlear. Shipping is free, and you can choose to pay Cash on Delivery if you prefer. Don’t forget, you will also receive a complimentary replacement roller worth Rs. 300/-, so you can continue enjoying your beautiful crack-free heels uninterrupted!

Also, by placing your order now, you can avail our limited time offer price of just Rs. 1999/- only, a tiny investment for long-term, guaranteed results!

10,000+ Units Sold, PediKlear Is Loved Across India!

2017 is a big year for us. We have increased our capacity to deliver more and more PediKlear to meet the ever increasing demands of all of the men across India - who now have an easy, safe and extremely effective foot care solution so they can enjoy wearing their favorite footwear all day & everyday, without ever being concerned about cracks!

The only thing that hasn’t changed is the fact that we still sell out!

So don’t leave it to chance, order your PediKlear today and begin on your journey to having the most beautiful feet you’ve ever had, in the easiest possible way!

A Year’s Worth Of Soft Feet In One Small Investment!

With PediKlear, having gorgeous and soft feet has never been easier! Now, you can ensure that you have the softest feet throughout the year with additional rollers along with your PediKlear!

Rollers & Usage

Every Hardened Mineral Surface Roller is identical in build and effectiveness, however, how long the roller will last will depend on the usage. Here's an example if you have rough, callused and cracked skin, and purchase your PediKlear to get beautiful and smooth feet:

Roller #1 - The first roller you use is the one that will directly attack and remove all of the cracks, calluses and rough skin on your feet, no matter what their condition. Given that this roller does the bulk of the work in making your feet super smooth, and usage is likely to be higher, the life of this roller will be 3 months.

Roller #2 - The second roller is a maintenance roller - it will be used often, but since your feet will be much better on a roughness scale, the life of this roller will be 4+ months.

Roller #3 - The third roller becomes one that provides continuous maintenance, keeping your feet looking and feeling fresh, gorgeous and super smooth. Life of this roller, and every additional roller will be 6+ months.

Hence, a total of 3 rollers will give you complete coverage, for the most beautiful feet for a complete year!

And after that, it's just a question of maintenance...

But That's Not All!

Normally, the cost of a pack of 2 additional rollers is Rs 600/-. However, we're giving you the chance to pick up 2 additional rollers for a full 33% off ie, for just Rs. 400/- only!

Get your PediKlear (comes with one roller) + 2 additional rollers, for just Rs. 2,999 2,399/- and get a year's worth of gorgeous, soft, & crack free feet!

Join thousands of men who have already experienced the PediKlear difference:

Anil K.
I have used this once and have got amazing results. I did not have to use it again. It's almost 2 weeks since I first used it. My legs are in great shape. Thanks for this amazing product.
Ashoke S.
Good but battery was running out after 2/3 time use.
Vijaya L.
It's one of the best product, loved it
Cyrus T.
A very good product
Jayaraj G.
Wonderful item. Everybody must have
Mahendra J.
It's nice product I m fully satisfied and plan to by same for my friends
Brigadier CS S.
Lovely. Smooth n easy to use. I enjoy using it. Must have in your toilet bag
R Dalip S.
It's fanatstic and really it works well and MY WIFE IS VERY HAPPY Very good product
Ajay K.
A very useful and handy one.
Thumma A.
It is very good my foot became soft thanks to pediklear
Suman S.
I am a diabetic so I have to be very careful about treating cracks and calluses .pediclear works best for me.just the product I was looking out for since a long time.
Dr Madhu A.
Very good experience
A Mohan R.
Very useful.
Mahua D.
It was satisfying to have one... Thank you...
vinod s.
Great product but it must be sold with rechargeable batteries and charger alongwith electrical adapter charging. Further motor capacity is very lotto power the roller which stops on slight pressure
Bala Murali Krishna B.
Nice machine and worh buying..

6 Reasons Why Your Feet Need PediKlear Right Away!

  • It’s The Quickest Route To Soft Feet!
    No waiting in queues at the salon, that’s if you can manage to make time and handle the traffic! PediKlear will give you model like feet with just 2 minutes of your time, and is available whenever you need it!
  • Get Renewed Confidence!
    Never worry about what kind of impression your cracked feet will make at a job interview, at office or when you’re out and about! With PediKlear, your feet will look gorgeous in whatever footwear you choose to wear that day!
  • Waterproofing - The PediKlear Difference!
    PediKlear’s waterproofing capabilities means you can use it in the bathroom, after a shower, or after luxuriously soaking your feet! It will still deliver stunning results!
  • The Safest Way To Gorgeous Feet!
    No scrapers, shavers, and scrubbers… no pain! PediKlear delivers the most beautiful feet you’ve ever had with absolutely zero discomfort!
  • The Price Is Right!
    Costs of pedicures, expensive treatments and a variety of creams run into the thousands, and then there’s the fact you have to keep paying for continuous results. Buy PediKlear once, and all those costs go right out the window!
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee!
    PediKlear is the simplest way to the softest feet, but if by any chance and for whatever reason PediKlear doesn’t meet your expectations, we’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked! It’s that simple!

Get Your PediKlear Callus Remover Today!

ATTENTION: Due to high recent demand we can no longer guarantee supply. As of we currently have product in-stock and will ship within 24 hours of purchase.

  • PediKlear + 2 Rollers = Rs. 2,999 Rs. 1,999/- Only!

  • Free Shipping!
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Quick & Easy Refund
  • No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee



PediKlear PediKlear PediKlear

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is PediKlear Callus Remover Safe To Use?

The PediKlear Callus Remover is 100% safe to use. It features a mineral surface roller that is gentle, yet highly effective in removing the dead, rough and callused skin that leads to cracks. The device is CE certified which means that it is compliant with use in the European market. It is a much better alternative to dangerous tools such as scrapers, shavers, files, and even pumice stones.

Can We Pay Through Cash On Delivery?

We use SSL certified and secure online payment gateways that are compatible with all banks/cards. If you are not comfortable making an online payment, you can choose cash on delivery. However, in light of the recent government mandate, we will not be able to accept the old currency notes of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 denominations.

How Long Will The Product Take To Ship?

The product will reach you within 3 working days, wherever you are in India. We ship immediately upon receiving your order.

Are There Any Side Effects To PediKlear Callus Remover?

The only effect with PediKlear is the gorgeous feet you’re going to have very soon!

Do You Deliver To My State/Locality/Area?

We deliver across India.

How Much Do You Charge For Shipping?

PediKlear comes with FREE shipping!

How Can I Maintain My PediKlear?

Use the supplied brush to dust away any particles when you are done. A gentle wipe with a wet/dry cloth may also be occasionally used.

How Long Will The Roller Last?

The roller will last 4 months of regular use.



PediKlear PediKlear PediKlear


P.S. - Not taking action is doing yourself a disservice. You wake up tomorrow with the same cracked feet. Get that out of your life, click the buy button above.


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