PediKlear Rechargeable Callus Remover Electronic Foot File


Presenting to you, India’s favourite foot care device - now with the most asked-for feature ever! PediKear Rechargeable Callus Remover. Now, completely rechargeable, for upto 30 minutes of usage!

We were thrilled with the response we got from people like you who trusted us with their purchase of PediKlear Regular. Being the most top-rated electronic foot file soon after its launch, we couldn’t have asked for a warmer welcome into your lives, to serve your foot care needs.

The ALL-NEW PediKlear Rechargeable -

  • Is fully rechargeable
  • Takes only 10 hours to recharge
  • Gives you full 30-minutes usage on single charge
  • Updated body design for even more comfortable grip
  • Entirely waterproof!

PediKlear Rechargeable offers 5X value. It is specially designed for Indian conditions and works on wet/dry feet. Truly, there is nothing like PediKlear in India right now. It beats the competition on features, price and reliability. Now, PediKlear is FULLY rechargeable - for upto 30 whole minutes of uninterrupted usage, anywhere you like!

If you've got cracked feet, rough skin, and callused heels then you don’t need the best possible solution, you need the only solution -- PediKlear.

PediKlear is a electronic foot file built to serve only one purpose - to give you the smoothest, softest, most beautiful feet you’ve ever had.

PediKlear - India’s Fastest Foot Crack & Callus Remover

Introducing PediKlear Callus Remover - the fastest, safest and most value for money foot crack and callus remover ever.

PediKlear offers style-conscious people like you - who value, time, money and convenience - an opportunity to get salon-like pedicure treatment and gorgeous feet effortlessly. Maximum value for money, guaranteed!

Read on and I’m sure you’ll be surprised by the features it has and the price it comes for…


PediKlear’s Advanced Technology Sets It Apart!
  • A Unique (3v & 1 Amp) Motor
    PediKlear’s powerful motor combines battery efficiency with the ability to rotate at an incredible rate of 40x per second. Pair this motor with the right roller, and the results are nothing short of astonishing!
  • Precision-Engineered Rollers
    PediKlear’s Hardened Mineral Surface Rollers are specially designed to destroy rough, callused skin and deep cracks. The rollers feature a hardened Micro-alumina exterior that comes into contact with your feet and removes the rough skin in seconds.
    Built for 3-5 months of usage per unit, these rollers are safe, fast and the only way to guarantee beautiful, baby-soft and crack-free feet.
  • PediKlear uses CE certified industry-grade plastics, electronic circuits and insulated electrical connections so that the product is always safe and in top shape even after years of rugged use. Our “Gorgeous Feet First” guarantee and “1 Year Full-replacement Warranty” is proof of the trust we have in our product. We are very sure that it will last a very, very long time.
  • The device is waterproof, which makes it a useful tool to use in any environment, such as your bathroom, without fear of damage or safety concerns!
Upgrade Your Foot Care Game With PediKlear’s New Rechargeable Battery!

The one feature that makes PediKlear the hottest foot care device on the market today: fully rechargeable batteries.

So you can truly be on-the-go with PediKlear, anywhere and at anytime.

PediKlear Rechargeable comes in-built with a durable accumulator. Simply plug in the adapter and connect it to your PediKlear device for 10 hours.

Basically, plug it while you sleep, and have it be ready for use in the morning! That’s how effortlessly PediKlear Rechargeable handles power management.

Once charged, you can use PediKlear for up to a full 30 minutes. Average use with batteries usually need not exceed 10 minutes of roling. But with PediKlear Rechargeable, you THRICE, 3X the usage - completely battery-free!

Also, you’ll majorly save on battery costs. Buying a new pair every time they run out, will cost you in the thousands over years. You can entirely avoid those costs, with PediKlear Rechargeable!

In short, it’s time.

It’s time to truly change, and recharge your foot care routine!

How Do I Use PediKlear?

Pediklear is so simple, anyone could use it with ease. The below video demonstrates just how easy it is to get and maintain super-gorgeous feet in just a few minutes.

Why PediKlear Is The #1 Electronic Foot Crack Remover In India Right Now!

5X Faster

PediKlear’s powerful motor and purpose built rollers ensure that you can get gorgeous salon like pedicured feet, in just 2 minutes or less!

5X Safer

PediKlear is CE certified, and features no shavers, scraper or scrubber that can leave your skin feeling raw and sensitive. The roller’s external contact needs only a feature touch for fast and effective results!

5X Convenience

No need to buy batteries every time you use PediKlear. Which also means - no need go through traffic and pollution to get to the beauty parlour, no need to wait in lines or be irritated by bad service. PediKlear is light, durable, portable AND rechargeable! 2 mins or less to get gorgeous, super-soft feet!

5X Reliability

Super-strong ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) thermoplastic polymer construction means that PediKlear is durable for years to come. Along with waterproofing, and 1 year full-replacement warranty, there’s no need to worry - PediKlear is as reliable as they come!

5X Efficiency

PediKlear’s roller + motor combo eradicates the cracks, calluses and rough skin from your feet in seconds, saving time, effort and hassle in the process!

5X Smoothness

If beautiful feet is what you’re after, no pedicure, salon treatment, generic foot file or crack cream can compare with PediKlear’s powerful 3v motor, and Micro-alumina rollers for providing super-smoothness that lasts super-long!


7 Reasons Why Your Feet Need PediKlear Right Away!
  • It’s Completely Rechargeable!

    No more buying two AA batteries every time they run out. No extra chore of buying batteries, and no extra expenditure that adds up eventually! Simply charge it while you sleep, for 10 hours. And you’ll get a full 30 minutes of usage, when you wake up!

  • It’s The Quickest Route To Soft Feet!

    No waiting in queues at the salon, that’s if you can manage to make time and handle the traffic! PediKlear will give you model like feet with just 2 minutes of your time, and is available whenever you need it!

  • Get Renewed Confidence!

    Never worry about what kind of impression your cracked feet will make at a job interview, at office or when you’re out and about! With PediKlear, your feet will look gorgeous in whatever footwear you choose to wear that day!

  • Waterproofing - The PediKlear Difference!

    PediKlear’s waterproofing capabilities means you can use it in the bathroom, after a shower, or after luxuriously soaking your feet! It will still deliver stunning results!

  • The Safest Way To Gorgeous Feet!

    No scrapers, shavers, and scrubbers… no pain! PediKlear delivers the most beautiful feet you’ve ever had with absolutely zero discomfort!

  • The Price Is Right!

    FOR THE SAME PRICE OF PEDIKLEAR PREVIOUSLY - you get a new and improved rechargeable version of PediKlear! It's like you won't even spend ONE extra paisa more for the new features. Buy PediKlear once, and all the costs of parlours, salons, professional pedicures and batteries, right out the window!

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee!

    PediKlear is the simplest way to the softest feet, but if your PediKlear reaches to you in damaged condition, we’ll give you a full refund.

PediKlear Rechargeable= Rs. 2,999 Rs. 1,999/- Only!



Frequently Asked Questions

The PediKlear Callus Remover is 100% safe to use. It features a mineral surface roller that is gentle, yet highly effective in removing the dead, rough and callused skin that leads to cracks. The device is CE certified which means that it is compliant with use in the European market. It is a much better alternative to dangerous tools such as scrapers, shavers, files, and even pumice stones.

We use SSL certified and secure online payment gateways that are compatible with all banks/cards. If you are not comfortable making an online payment, you can choose cash on delivery. However, in light of the recent government mandate, we will not be able to accept the old currency notes of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 denominations.

The product will reach you within 3 working days, wherever you are in India. We ship immediately upon receiving your order.

The only effect with PediKlear is the gorgeous feet you’re going to have very soon!

We deliver across India.

PediKlear comes with FREE shipping!

Use the supplied brush to dust away any particles when you are done. A gentle wipe with a wet/dry cloth may also be occasionally used.

The roller will last 4 months of regular use.

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